Motion blur


Rendering images with motion blur in Thea for SketchUp requires the use of an extension capable of creating animated objects such as Fredo6 Animator. In this example, we will be using the Animator extension to animate our object.

Download Scene: – 22kb
Required plugin: Fredo’s Animator
Scene information: The object in the scene rotates around its center with a duration of 3 seconds

Motion blur is controlled by the “Shutter Speed” value that can be found in the Lens rollout of the Camera tab. Just like in real cameras, lower shutter speed values create a more intense motion blur effect.
For this scene, we will use a value of 25. The effect though cannot be seen by rendering the scene in darkroom. To see motion blur in the final image, we need to render the animation.

Rendering the animation

Let’s open the Thea rendering window and switch to the animation tab.

  • Tick the “Animate Objects” checkbox
    In this way, Thea will record the object’s animation and take that into account while rendering
  • In the “Plug-in” drop-down switch to “Fredo’s Animator”
  • Click on the “Render Animation” button to bring up the Animator dialog. Select the Clip that you prepared and then click on the “Generate Video” button

Remember to select the render engine and set a value in the termination criteria.

Rendering a single frame with motion blur

If you want to render just a single frame of the whole animation with motion blur enabled then all you have to do is:

  • Change the value in the “Render Frames” drop-down from “All” to “Selected”.
    The total number of frames is equal to: Frames/s x Duration. In this example, we have 24fps x 3sec = 72
  • In the input field, we will use a value somewhere in the middle of the animation (e.g. 36)
  • Click on “Render Animation” button
  • Click on the “Generate Video” button