Powerful rendering features

Thea Render comes packed with two render engines. The unbiased and the GPU accelerated engines. Find below some of the most powerful features.


With our engine running on both the CPU+GPU, interactive photorealistic rendering was never better.


The unbiased core of Thea produces the most accurate results and stunning photorealistic images.

Key Features

CPU & GPU accelerated

Thea Render is great fun to work with, especially since you can get immediate feedback with production quality due to its fast, interactive response.

Adaptive tracing

A technique that solves difficult lighting scenarios, such as caustics from point lights, sun pool caustics and diffuse interreflections resulting in images with a higher dynamic range.


Volumetric & SSS

Participating media and Sub-Surface Scattering (SSS) are resolved with full accuracy utilizing our optimized volumetric scattering techniques.

* Scene provided by Jean Thiriet


Beveled edges

Beveled Edges can be used to smooth out the edges of an object with controls over the radius of the effect and the minimum angle of the adjacent faces.

AI denoising

Supports both the NVIDIA and Intel artificial intelligence denoisers, offering GPU and CPU accelerated denoising for both interactive and production renderings. They dramatically reduce the render time, creating high-quality and noise-free images.


High accuracy & performance

In Thea Render, we introduced innovative techniques and algorithmic optimizations to achieve superior performance. All possible paths of lighting transfer are explored, delivering the highest accuracy.


More features

Instancing | Back-face material support | Filmic tonemapping | Resume-Merge render | Triplanar mapping | Support for LUT files | Procedurals | Glints