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Unlock your learning journey and creativity with our Thea Render integrations for Trimble SketchUp® and Robert McNeel & Associates Rhinoceros®
Image created by Jean Thiriet

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Shadow & Grain by Vlad Moldovan
Image created by Vlad Moldovan (Modulus Render)

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Educational licenses are free for students and faculties


Account registration

  • Create an Altair One account
  • Register using the email assigned to you by your educational institute (e.g.
  • Select either ‘Students’ or ‘Faculty’ from the available options

Apply for a student license

  • Login to Altair One and go to the “Marketplace”
  • Click on the “Student Edition License” card
  • Click on “Get License”

Your unique license activation key will appear

Activate your license

  • Open the Thea License Setup window
  • Switch to the “Educational” tab
  • Paste the license key
  • Click on “Activate”