Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I transfer my license to someone else?

Lease and Node-Locked licenses are Non-Transferable and as such they can not be transferred or re-selled to another person.

Lease Licensing

1. What are the advantages of our Web-hosted Lease License?
  • Floating license gives you the ability to access one license from different computers at different times or based on your requirement.

    Example: It can be used on any number of SketchUp / Rhino / Cinema 4D installations whether it is home, office or on a move with your laptop, as long as you have internet connection while switching machines.  When you close SketchUp / Rhino / Cinema 4D at work, your license can be made available to your other devices.

  • Self-service model of the new license portal reduces license generation turnaround time as well as licensing support issues
  • Freedom to change your hardware without worrying about requesting new standalone license re-generation with almost nil-down time.
2. Do I need to be online all the time to access the Web hosted licenses?

No. You can also decide to borrow the license from Thea license portal, to make sure it is available to your specific machine when there is no Internet connection available or you can use this license solely on a specific machine for a long period.

This form of licensing gives great flexibility and can be easily managed by you in a self-service mode from Thea portal.

The maximum borrowing time is 14 days.

3. What happens to customers using 2.x version with active Maintenance?

No action is needed from your side. Our team will have your accounts updated with a ‘2 year’ lease license on the portal for you. Since we have quite a few users to be updated, we will complete these by Nov, 15th 2019. The 2-year lease license will be valid till Oct 15, 2021.

  • Till we update the portal, you can continue using your current standalone license as-is.
  • Such Customers have access to the latest version of the plugins during the valid lease period.
4. Customers using 1.x, 2.x, who did not buy Maintenance.
  • You can continue with your current standalone paid-up licenses of the versions you are using.
  • You have the option to purchase a fresh lease from the e-shop as and when you see the need for it.  We currently have a promotional offer running till Dec 31, 2019.
5. What versions of the plugins does this business model affect? I'm only using 1.5 at the moment. Please tell me my current software I bought will not be affected.
  • As mentioned in question 4, you can continue to use your current standalone paid-up licenses of the versions you are using.
6. I would like to use my existing license indefinitely. Is that possible?
  • As mentioned in the answer to question 4, you can continue to use your current standalone paid-up licenses of the versions you are using.

Buying Thea Render Licenses

How can I buy a Thea Render license?

You can find the available products at our eshop or contact any of our official resellers.

I ordered a license. What shall I receive?

After making a license purchase, you will a receive a serial number for version 2.0 products. You will then use this serial number at the License Registration form to generate a license (.dat) file. Once you receive the license file, you need to import it at the License Wizard to activate your product.
Find analytical details here.

Tip 1: Please make sure to provide at the License Registration form the HostID of the machine you plan to use the license.
Tip 2: Please also note that 1.x version serials cannot be used at this form for a v2.0 license generation.

Owning a 1.x license

Can I use my 1.x license with version 2.0?

The 1.x version licenses (Serial number of format like AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC-DDDDD-EEEE) cannot be used with version 2.0.
If you are an existing 1.x commercial license user you can buy the Upgrade products to go to v2.0, otherwise, you need to buy a new v2.0 license from our eshop.

I want to use my 1.x license

If you want to still use version 1.5 serials you need to download the corresponding 1.5 version (1.5 version serials do not work with version 2.0) from here.
You can activate a 1.x license by following these instructions.