This guide will help you download and install Thea for Rhino on Windows. After the completion of the installation, the integration will be added to Rhino and a ‘Thea Data’ folder will be created with files needed for the plugin to work properly.

Let’s take a look at the installation steps.


Download the installer

The first step is to get a copy of the installer.

Licensed users: The installers can be downloaded from the Altair One Marketplace

  1. Click on the ‘Sign In’ button and use your email and password
  2. After signing in, Thea for Rhino and Thea Node should be displayed
  3. Click on Thea for Rhino and from the ‘Download’ tab, select the installer

Trial Users: The installers can be download from the main menu by clicking on the TRY button.



Start the installer by double clicking on it.

  1. Initial screen: Click next to proceed
  2. License agreement: Read the end user license agreement and click ‘I agree’
  3. Choose components: Select the SketchUp installations that were detected on your system
    1. Materials: Select if you want to install sample Thea materials
    2. Lut: Select if you want to install sample Lut files
  4. Choose Data Location: This folder contains all Thea materials, models and temporary files. You can either leave this to the default location or select a different one. Please make sure that your Windows account has admin rights for read/write
  5. Run Rhino installer engine: Make sure that the option is ticket and click Finish to start Rhino installer
  6. Rhino package installation wizard: Keep the default option ‘Just me’ and click on Next
  7. Completed: Click on Finish to complete the installation