After having Thea for Rhino up and running, you can proceed with activating your license on the current machine.

Before going through the steps to activate your license, there are a few things that you should be aware.


Lease license information

Your lease license is attached to your Altair One account that was created by the time your order was confirmed.

To manage your lease license you need to login first.
Please visit the Altair One documentation page to learn more.


Activating the license

  1. Start Rhino
  2. Go to Thea Render > License > License Form
  3. In the ‘Lease License’ tab enter your Altair One email and password
  4. Click on Activate

In case of error click on ‘Error Log’ button to display the error details. Please create a support request ticket and attach the information that you see in the error log.


Here are some of the most common cases and how to fix them:

Username is invalid

Make sure that you are actually using your Altair One email and there are no spaces before or after it

Password is invalid

Make sure that you are entering the correct password. If you can’t remember your password, you may use the Altair One login page  to create a new one

License is already in use

Hosted licenses can be used on any machine but not at the same time. Please make sure that your license is not in use on any other machine and try activating again

License has expired

Thea for Rhino will display a message in the console tab when you are 15 days before the expiration. Please renew your license by placing a new order with the same email address that you are using in Altair One

When your license is activated the status will change to Activate (Lease).

If you are on a corporate environment and your machine is behind a proxy, tick the “Use proxy internet connection”. Please consult your company’s IT to fill out the proxy information


Releasing a license

A license is in use when Rhino is running on a machine where Thea for Rhino is installed and activated. Closing Rhino will release the license and make it available for any other machine.