v2.2 Release Update: Thea for SketchUp and Rhino

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Releases

We are happy to announce that we have released a new version of Thea for SketchUp and Thea for Rhino.

Thea for SketchUp v2.2.1004.1875

  • Bitmap Based Preset using Roughness(Glossiness)/Metallic workflow. The preset has a dedicated file button in header which automatically loads all available bitmaps it can find. Neither Height for displacement nor AO bitmap are currently applied.
  • Linear Roughness is used in material presets and editor now.
  • OSX permission issues are fixed.
  • IR: fixed wrong texture size scaling when modifying SU material size.
  • IR: Fixed camera position being updated, despite Interactive Update is turned off, when changing to a scene with camera settings saved in it
  • IR: fixed bug that was causing IES description to be lost after editing an IES light in IR
  • Specific IES files loading issue
  • CRF: Gamma is disabled when CRF is active
  • Browser: Sorting of external dependencies is automatic now, doesn’t require clicking a column header
  • Presets: Tonemapping is applied to Bump only when SketchUp texture is being used both in Color and Bump
  • Skatter plugin support: source object containing only proxy components is being exported. It takes sub-objects layer visibility into account.
  • Layer + menu – SSS has correct icon now
  • Additive Texture Layer fix – weights are properly saved
  • Additive Texture Layer fix – weight is being kept when changing procedural type
  • Material/Texture layer widget has a drag threshold added, so the value is not modified by simple layer selection when a small mouse movement happens
  • When importing a texture to SketchUp, SU material size is not modified
  • Fixed loading 1.5 materials which contain a mixed-layer with a mask
  • Fix for network server input text box – restored correct ‘port@server.address’ order.
  • Fix for a crash on older Thea libraries import.
  • Fix for .img.thea loading failure after doing a region render
  • Help menu points to a new online user manual now


  • Memory leak fix for Presto CPU (it happens with all kinds of renders: animation, IR, production)
  • Vignetting & Optix brightness fix
  • BSD blurred textures in network rendering and/or SketchUp < 2017
  • Fixed BSD Crash with emitters
  • Fixed LUT colors
  • Fixed LUT not applied
  • Fixed LUT memory leak

Thea for SketchUp: Learn how to use the ‘Bitmap Based’ preset.

Thea for Rhino v2.2.118.1875

  • Fixed viewport rendering resolution not updating when the viewport is resized.
  • Fixed wrong render channel export when saving png+alpha.
  • Fixed environment lighting not updating fully when rotating an environment map during interactive render.
  • Improved performance on Rhino object visibility during interactive render and when running ShowSelected command.
  • Fixed invalid devices appearing in devices section on render settings.
  • Fixed invalid presto devices causing a crash in darkroom during interactive render.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a layout.
  • Fixed transparency texture used for Rhino basic material.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when converting a Rhino object to a render mesh.
  • Fixed LUT colors applied.
  • Fixed LUT memory leak.
  • Fixed memory leak for Presto CPU.
  • Fixed vignetting weight when optix is enabled.
  • Fixed parsing IES files when there is a new line in the beginning of data values.
  • Added support for Nlm OpenCL denoiser for more AMD cards (support for gfx1010, gfx1011 and gfx1012).
  • Added support for presto Opencl for gfx1010, gfx1011, gfx1012.
  • Improved IOR complex extinction coefficient absorption for presto.
  • Fix for optix denoiser “out of memory (ds allocation)” error.
  • Fixed bug when coating weight is 0% in Presto.
  • Fixed Presto rendering with materials of coating plus single substrate of 0% layer weight.