Thea for SketchUp v2.2 – SketchUp 2020 support

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Releases

We are happy to announce that we have released a new version of Thea for SketchUp (2.2.972.1867) that is fully compatible with the new SketchUp 2020.

Release notes

Plugin changelog:

  • SketchUp 2020 support
  • Added message next to the resolution text when OptiX fails. The raw image will be displayed instead
  • Glare is temporarily disabled while rendering for performance reasons and applied when stopped
  • Batch Render: The raw image will be saved instead of the denoised one in case OptiX fails to deliver the output image
  • macOS 10.14 and above: Fixed the User Interface refresh issue
  • LUT or CRF files can be used with Filmic now
  • External Model (FBX, mod.thea) materials can be edited back again
  • Fixed section plane position if it is parallel to one of axes
  • Fixed visibility of an inherited invisible Emitter
  • Thea Browser: When importing Thea material it is done as a single operation with single “undo” step
  • EXR output settings are kept between sessions now
  • Texture properties follow material editor even when it is docked in the main window
  • Option to turn off warm-up phase in Preferences/Advanced
  • Environment: Sun’s soft shadow can be fully controlled now even when Manual Sun is disabled

Engine changelog:

  • Fixed visual artifacts for scenes with more than two lights (dark squares)
  • Fixed banding artifacts in the shadow channel
  • Applying now roughness linearization before micro roughness
  • Network Rendering: Fixed wrong texture positioning in network rendering
  • Network Rendering: Fixed black commits from nodes when the Shadow and SSS channels are enabled
  • Fixed Gamma correction for the Edge Ramp procedural
  • Fixed crash with Presto MC when using instanced area emitters
  • Fixed artifacts for Presto MC when rendering materials with a Coating layer.
  • Potential crash fix for AMD GPUs (Presto OpenCL)
  • Fixed un-normalized normals after mesh welding
  • Fixed Presto rendering with materials of coating plus single substrate of 0% layer weight
  • Fixed vignetting weight in accelerated displays
  • Fixed blackbody texture artifacts when temperature is set at extreme values
  • Fixed medium sampling in Presto that could result in render artifacts
  • Fixed noisy pixel artifacts in TR1 in the presence of sky/ibl lighting and shadow catcher
  • FBX: Fixed imported textures with 3ds Max specific tags
  • FBX: Fixed the UV transformation of fbx files