Introducing Lease Licensing

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We would like to inform you that support for license transfer requests will stop on October 31, 2021. This will affect only the 2.x Node-Locked/Paid-Up licenses. It will be still possible to use any such activated licenses but it will not be possible to transfer them to another machine after this date.

We highly recommend transitioning to our hosted lease licenses that give greater flexibility, transferring and using the license on any machine, while being always up-to-date with the latest version of the application.

Over the past decade, Altair’s Thea Render® software has provided customers with the most versatile rendering solution in the market.

Throughout this journey of growth and success, we have been privileged to have you as a valued customer. As we continue to enrich our technology portfolio and customer service levels, we are making some changes on the license support for the Thea Render plugins.

Starting Monday, October 7th, 2019, we updated our current e-shop, and have launched a new licensing portal. The Thea Render plugin licenses will now be available as web-hosted, annual lease ‘floating’ licenses. The new licensing scheme puts responsibility on us to make you productive and to love the product.

Altair One Features

  • 1-year and 3-year annual lease license options for each of our three plugins.
  • Rapidly process and manage your licenses, in a self-service fashion within minutes.
  • Offline Mode: This mode borrows the license from the license server to a specific machine. The plug-in will remain activated on the machine without the need of an internet connection for 14 days.
  • License check-out: License returns to the server each time the host application closes.
  • User management: Use Altair One to add users and let them use their credentials to activate Thea Render plugins.

Effective November 7th, 2019, there will be no paid-up (perpetual) options going forward.

The Student Edition licenses of the plugins will be made available soon

Update: Students can get free licenses from the Altair University.

We also have an F.A.Q. regarding the new license that we hope will answer any question that you may have.

Till December 31, 2019, we are offering two options of the Thea Render Plugins at a promotional price on the e-shop,

  • Annual Single Floating Lease License: 199 €/year | 1 Concurrent user (list price of 249 €/year)
  • 3-year Single Floating Lease License: 469€/3 year | 1 Concurrent user (list price of 599 €/3 year)

You can order these from the e-shop, at the reflected promotion price.

We believe the updated e-shop and new license portal will substantially simplify the workflow from purchase of plugins up to the license generation. It will also give you more control over management of your licenses.

On behalf of Altair and Thea Render, we once again thank you for your business, and look forward to your continued usage of our solutions in the future.