Thea Node

Download the installer

The Thea Node installers can be downloaded either from your Altair One account or the downloads page on the Thea Render website. The Thea Node application does not require to be licensed and depend on the Thea Render integration activation status.

The same build number should be installed for both Thea Node and Thea Render applications.

Example: Thea for SketchUp v3.0.1145.1951 and Thea Node v3.0.008.1951. The last number in both version numbers corresponds to the build number, 1951 in this case




  • Execute the installer
  • Accept the license agreement
  • Click on the ‘Install’ button to complete the installation
  • Tick the ‘Create desktop shortcut’ checkbox and click on ‘Finish’


  • Double click the disck image (.dmg)
  • Double click the package installer (.pkg)
  • Follow the steps to complete the installation


  • Open Terminal to where Thea Node installer is located
  • Unzip the downloaded archive:
    $ unzip
  • Make the file executable:
    $ chmod +x ./
  • Start the installer:
    $ ./
  • Accept the license to start extracting the files

Extracting in specific location
$ ./ -target _full_path_
$ cd TheaNode/linux64

Replace _full_path_ with the location that you want the files to be extracted to

  • Start Thea Node by typing: