Thea Render v4.0 Pre-Release

We are excited to announce that our version 4.0 is now available, a huge milestone release for us. We have worked hard on a new render engine that surpasses competition as well as a redesigned user experience that boosts creativity and makes rendering fun again.


Thea Render Nitro engine

The all-new Nitro engine was built from scratch delivering phenomenal performance and interactivity. Taking advantage of hardware ray tracing cores the new engine is an order of magnitude faster than our Thea Render Presto engine and supports all modern NVidia, AMD and Intel discrete GPUs as well as Apple Silicon GPUs.

Note: Interactive viewport rendering comparison between Nitro and Presto. Rendered using an RTX 2070 (Laptop)

Feature: Scattering


Use the scatter tool to create grass fields and distribute plants, and trees.

Currently available in Thea for Rhino


Cover surfaces with fur strands to make rugs, cloth, and other items look more appealing.

Currently available in Thea for Rhino

Reworked user interface

The user interface has been redesigned to improve the user experience. It is now fully integrated and available in both dark and light themes.

Currently available in Thea for Rhino

New material editor

A new PBR-compliant material definition is introduced that supports the metallic/roughness workflow.

Feature: Tone mapping variation

Tone mapping variance

Bitmap tonemapping parameters such as saturation, hue, and gamma can be randomized to add variation to a scene using a single material.

Intel® Open Image Denoise (GPU Accelerated)

Nitro engine is making use of the latest GPU accelerated version providing stunning results and the ability to use it for interactive rendering.

The pre-release version is currently available for users with an active license