Thea Render v2.1 is now available

by | May 13, 2019 | Newsletters

Thea Render v2.1 has just been released and comes with a variety of new features for all our integrated plugins and a significant speed boost for Presto engine. Please find below some of the major new features that the new version introduces or check out our new features video.
This release comes without any charge for all v2.0 customers and you can find it at our Downloads page!

Sincerely yours,
Thea Render Team

Thea Presto: Faster than Ever!

We are happy to announce a performance boost for Thea Render Presto engine showing accumulated performance improvement up to 2x faster compared to the previous major release v1.5. These improvements are based on key algorithmic and brute force optimizations as well as hardware advances with the most recent NVIDIA® graphic cards. The speed comparison graph shows Thea Render Presto engine benchmark scores for the previous and current versions, along with render performance on the latest-generation NVIDIA® GPUs.


One of the most wanted features is now available: Beveled Edges can be used to smooth out the edges of an object with controls over the radius of the effect and the minimum angle of the adjacent faces, allowing you to create more photorealistic renderings, without the need to model detailed curved edges.

Triplanar Mapping

With the Triplanar Mapping option, the texture is mapped three times along each of the three axes with smooth blending between the sides. This creates seamless results for non-UV mapped meshes.

Worley Noise Procedural

Worley Noise procedural is now available and can be used to easily create cell-like structures that simulate textures of water and stone among others.

Edge Ramp Procedural

The Edge Ramp procedural makes it possible to apply color to the edges of a surface based on the minimum angle of adjacent faces and the radius of the edges.

Support for LUT files

LUT stands for Look-up Table and these files can be used to change the overall color and tone of an image.

Thea for SketchUp v2.1

Backface Material is now supported, where a separate material can be assigned to the back face of a surface. A considerable effort has been put in making the Material Editor even more usable: layer/modifier and texture properties are now at separate panels, while you can easily Drag & Drop materials, either from the content browser or from your disk. Automatic Exposure has also been added, where you can adjust your production render exposure with the click of a single button!

Thea for Rhino v2.1

Handling models is now easier than ever, with the addition of a Model Browser and the support of import/export of Thea Render models and proxies. Drag & Drop of materials from the Thea Content Browser directly inside Rhino Viewport, makes the scene setup even faster!

Thea for Cinema 4D v2.1

The Relight Manager has been enhanced with an improved per-light User Interface. Additionally, the Online Materials Repository is now accessible from within your content browser, giving direct access to thousands of ready-to-use materials.