Thea for SketchUp: Full Support of SketchUp 2019.2

Aug 30, 2019 | Newsletters

We are happy to announce that we have released a new version of Thea for SketchUp (2.1.931.1853) that is fully compatible with the new SketchUp 2019.2.


  • SketchUp 2019.2 full support
  • Large model opens faster now when the plugin is already opened
  • Plugin opening takes same amount of time regardless of active model complexity
  • ESC key closes texture properties
  • Accelerated display and Stereoscopic views work back again
  • SU2019: Hidden materials coming from deleted image can be edited now
  • Caustics is enabled by default in AMC
  • When a ghost material coming from a deleted Image cannot be edited material name is marked red
  • Win: Fixed issue with cancelling Bitmap texture file dialog – it was re-opening until a bitmap was selected
  • Changed texture selector behaviour when there is already a bitmap texture specified – it allows a different bitmap selection now
  • Win: PSD output works back again with unicode characters in a file name
  • License Wizard opens now without initializing the plugin
  • Mac Installer: added missing Plugin signature to make it signed in Extensions Manager
  • Mac: Thea Engine log is saved in the same folder as session log (/tmp/Thea4SU/)


Thea Render v2.1 is now available

Thea Render v2.1 is now available

Thea Render v2.1 has just been released and comes with a variety of new features for all our integrated plugins and a significant speed boost for Presto engine. Please find below some of the major new features that the new version introduces or check out our new features video.
This release comes without any charge for all v2.0 customers and you can find it at our Downloads page!