Since October 2019 we have moved to hosted / lease licenses for Thea Render and many of our user community have migrated to this option.


For the other users who still continue to use the older version 2.x Node-Locked/Paid-up licenses we have continued to offer license transfer support for more the 2 years. However, as explained in early Aug 2021, we have stopped support for license transfer requests of these 2.x Node-Locked/Paid-Up licenses as on October 31st, 2021.


It will still be possible to continue to use any such activated licenses, but it will not be possible to transfer them to another machine after this date.


We highly recommend transitioning to the latest version on Thea Render plugins, which use our hosted lease licenses that give greater flexibility, transferring and using the license on any machine, while being always up-to-date with the latest version of the application.


For more information on flexibility of hosted lease licenses, please read our FAQ related to this licensing.