Thea for SketchUp: Getting Started

Part 1: Thea Content Browser - Importing & Applying materials to the scene.
Part 2: Proxy Creation - Exploring the different ways of creating proxies inside SketchUp
Part 3: Camera Staging & Batch Render Tool - Using SketchUp's scenes and Thea's Camera Settings, we create our final renders with a quick overview of the Batch Render Tool


Thea for SketchUp: Quick Tips

Quick Tip - Thea Toolbar & License Activation   Quick Tip - Thea Cursor
 Quick Tip - Rendering in Full Resolution    Quick Tip - Custom Presets for the Adaptive BSD Engine
Quick Tip - The Control Bar    Quick Tip - Light Tool


Additional Thea for SketchUp Tutorials

Getting Started

Add and Edit Thea Materials

Installation on Windows

Applying Materials

Setting Up Camera

Setting Up Lights

Proxies and Tools

Material Conversion Tool

Material Presets



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