Here you can find some tutorials (in pdf format) explaining main features of Thea Render Studio. You can also choose to right click on the links and save the tutorials on your computer.

1. OpenGL Viewport Tutorial (pdf)

2. Instancing Tool Tutorial (pdf)

3. Darkroom Tutorial (pdf)

4. Network Rendering (pdf)

5. Render Farm Automation Guide (pdf)


There are also some translations of the above tutorials, submitted by users, which are available for download as well.

  • OpenGL Viewport Tutorial in French, by Nicolas Rateau (aka Panga) (pdf)

  • Instancing Tool Tutorial in French, by Nicolas Laborde (aka leminilab) (pdf)

  • Instancing Tool Tutorial in Italian, by Luca Picciau (aka tridem) (pdf)

  • Darkroom Tutorial in French, by Nicolas Rateau (aka Panga) (pdf)

Here you can find quick mini tutorials (in pdf format) explaining specific features.

1. Adjusting sun in the presence of image-based lighting. (pdf)

2. Saving and restoring sky (including sun and ibl settings). (pdf)

3. Performing photometric (luminance and illuminance) analysis. (pdf)



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