At this section, you can find several SketchUp Scenes to download and render inside SketchUp. Use the Download button below each scene to download a zip archive. Inside it you can find the corresponding SketchUp file along with the needed models, for cases of external models use. You can open these scenes with SketchUp version 6 and above. By the use of the new Thea for SketchUp plugin you can render them inside SketchUp. Copyrights of the original scenes belong to users that designed them. Used under permission. In case you have scenes you would like to share with us and other users, you can contact us.


Lights Showroom

Lights Showroom

Thea Render Team 

This scene contains various lighting fixtures starting from floor lamps, table lamp, downlights, wall lamps and LED strip lights. Each comes with a short description in order to make the creation of lighting fixtures - that render efficiently and look well in a rendering - faster and easier.




Kim Frederik Blom Semelin

This scene of a greenhouse, uses some external models for vegetation. At the zip archive, apart from the SketchUp scene, you will find a folder with all used models. Open the SketchUp scene, press the Render button of the Thea for SketchUp plugin and see your external models been rendered.



Haag Hildisrieden House

Zacchia Bruno

A room area, part of a full house design to experiment with interior shots. Download the scene from the button below and use Thea for SketchUp plugin to render it inside SketchUp.




Roberto Pittaluga

Download the scene of an ancient fountain and render it inside SketchUp.




Juan Carlos Uribe

A modern house to experiment with  exterior shots, ready to be rendered inside SketchUp. In the archive you will also find the folder with the used external models. All you have to do is to open the SketchUp scene and hit Render Button.


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