At this section, you can find some Cinema4D scenes, all setup with Thea materials and ready for use inside Cinema4D. Use the Download button below each scene to download the corresponding zip file that contains apart from the Cinema4D scene all the needed textures. Copyrights of the original scenes belong to users that designed them. Used under permission. In case you have scenes you would like to share with us and other users, you can contact us.

Meccano Plane

The Meccano Plane, one of the Presto Benchmark scenes comes now in Cinema4D format. The scene uses Thea materials for all the present models and is illuminated by an hdri (from our HDRI Studio IBL Library). This scene is the perfect example of fast interactive and production rendering with the use of Presto engine.
Created by Patrick Nieborg.



BowlingScene 1


This animated scene is setup with high quality Thea materials and is illuminated by an hdri (from our HDRI Studio IBL Library). The animation has been already created, with the ball throwing down all the pins and can be used directly within Cinema4D.
Created by Patrick Nieborg.



Caustics 1


This scene, part of Presto Benchmark scenes, comes now in Cinema4D format. It is a nice example of the results Presto engine can achieve at more difficult light situations, such as the illumination of clear glass and highly reflective materials by an area light emitter.
Created by Patrick Nieborg.


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