Thea comes with a variety of high quality material, model and sky libraries.


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Thea Render comes along with several resources to help its users:

  • Thea Libraries: Enrich your material and texture libraries with some unique sets (only available to licensed users).
    These are:
    • Brick Walls
    • Exterior Pavements
    • Wall Finish
    • Wicker
    • Upholstery Fabric
    • Outdoor Furniture Set
    • Leather
    • Natural Stone Tiles
    • Birch Trees Models
    • Natural Stone Slabs
    • Material Libraries in SKM format
    • HDRI Studio IBL
    • Material Libraries for Cinema4D
  • Other Libraries: At this section you can find some additional libraries available for Thea licensed users or for free download.
    These are:
    • Sample Xfrog: A set with free Xfrog plant samples.
    • Xfrog Plants: Enrich your renders with these Xfrog Plant Libraries. Tree and plant models, originally owned and distributed by Xfrog and used under permission, are in Thea Library format, ready to be installed and used to enrich the vegetation in your renders (only available to licensed users). Special thanks to Kim Frederik (aka Frederik) for converting the libraries and adjusting the materials and many thanks to Xfrog for giving us the permission to distribute the libraries. 
    • HDRI-Hub IBL: A set of 10 high quality HDRIs for Image Based Lighting to illuminate your models.
    • CGAxis Models: A set of 10 highly detailed 3D models from CGAxis in Thea Render Models format.
    • AXYZ Models: A set of five (5) high resolution and ready-posed AXYZ design Full-Body 3D Scanning Human Models for free download.
  • Scenes: Download scenes of Thea Studio or our plugins 
    • Studio Scenes: Download some example Studio scenes in pack.thea format to experiment with special features and settings. Visit the related page.
    • SketchUp Scenes: Find some SketchUp scenes, ready to be rendered inside SketchUp, with the use of our new integrated plugin "Thea for SketchUp". Find these scenes and their description at the corresponding page.
    • Cinema4D Scenes: Find some Cinema4D scenes ready to be rendered inside Cinema4D.
  • Render Farms / Network:Set up and automate your own render farm or join our beta program for commercial farms. Find out more details on Thea Render Farms and Network setup.


  • Tutorials Go even further and explore all the functions that are available, with detailed tutorials for Thea Render and its plugins.
    • FAQ
    • Studio - General
    • Blender
    • Cinema4D
    • SketchUp
    • PDF




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