Why Thea Render?

Rendered images can be a powerful medium for communicating and visualizing ideas. Thea Render offers true quality photorealistic rendering along with broad feature support and we have created Thea Software Development Kit (SDK) to take advantage of these capabilities within any modeling application. We believe that using Thea SDK as a dedicated render solution, one can express his/her creativity freely without any restrictions.




With Thea SDK you can choose among two integration solutions; exporting solution, where you can create fast prototype render workflow and use Thea Studio for rendering or tight integration solution for the optimal user experience and accelerated productivity.



Access to All Engines & Features

Thea SDK offers access to all Thea Render engines and features (user interface elements not included) making development as efficient as possible. With the option to export your scenes to Thea Studio, you can monitor the integration process easily and reach the final goal much faster.


Mature & Robust SDK

The same SDK is used for programming all our exporter and live plugins for various modeling applications as well as any plugins created by 3rd parties. It is mature, well tested, stable and complete. The SDK is constantly being improved so as to offer the best experience and fastest integration.




Thea SDK comes in the form of a C++ library, available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX in both 32 and 64-bit variants, ensuring that the most popular platforms are supported. Libraries have been implemented in such a way so as to minimize any dependencies.



Shader Plugin SDK

Functionality for writing shader plugins is also included within the SDK. This way, you can efficiently code your own procedural textures for Thea Render that can be used within either your integration or any other plugins including Thea Studio. Please note that the shader plugins cannot be evaluated currently by Thea Presto engine.

Licensing Options

Three different licensing options are available that you can choose from. You can start with a risk-free exporter-only solution and move on with a tight integration whenever you choose (End User licensing means that the end user has to purchase Thea Studio license). The SDK also helps with creating a rapid tight integration prototype based on the exporter solution.
If you are interested for evaluation and solution proposals for your modeling application please contact us.



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