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Thea Edition v1.4

Version 1.4 represents the next evolutionary step for Thea Render which improves upon several aspects of our physically-based biased/unbiased renderer. Staying true to our principle of combining both CPU and GPU performance, Thea Presto has been optimized even further allowing stunning visual results to be achieved within optimal render times. We have also worked tirelessly to bring new and exciting features which we are confident will empower users to express their creativity even further.


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Improved Interactive Render (Thea Presto)

With a progressive supersampling and faster build times, the interactiveness of Presto engine has been substantially improved along with a considerable reduction in memory requirements.


Motion Blur (Thea Presto)

All types of Thea Render motion definitions are now supported by Presto. This enables end users to render efficiently transformation motion blur within a fraction of typical render times.

Displacement Mapping (Thea Presto)

We kept the same methodology with surface micro displacement, computed on the fly, which is now available even on Presto GPU, with a stunning performance.

Render Channels (Thea Presto)

Major focus has been placed on providing extended channel support for Thea Presto, including shadow and multiple mask channels, making it possible now to render them out-of-the-box.

Faster Caustics (Thea Adaptive BSD)

Photon map caustics in biased engine have been dramatically improved in both render times and memory footprint terms.

Bucket Rendering (Thea Presto)

Rendering high resolution images with multiple channels is usually an issue for GPUs but with our bucket rendering implementation, we managed to overcome this limiting factor and improve scalability as well.

Relight Support (Thea Presto)

Besides extended channel support, Presto supports now Relight which is a powerful feature for producing lighting animation sequences with just a single render.

Overall Optimizations

All the CPU engines on Apple OSX and Linux platforms have now up to 25% better performance.

Thea Render is Manufactured by Solid Iris Technologies. Thea Render is Copyright © Solid Iris Technologies.

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