Thea for Rhino v2.0 Release

Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Thea for Rhino v2.0!

Please find out more details on our forum announcement in regards to the plugin new features and enhancements.

You can find out more at the new Thea for Rhino v2.0 landing page.

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Thea for Cinema 4D v2.0 Release

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that Thea for Cinema 4D v2.0 has just been released!

Please find out more details on our forum announcement in regards to the plugin new features and enhancements.

Please check out the new Thea for Cinema 4D v2.0 landing page.

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Thea for SketchUp v2.0 Release

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that Thea for SketchUp v2.0 has just been released!

Please find out more details on our forum announcement in regards to the plugin new features and enhancements.

Additionally, we have also published a brand new website that will gradually replace the existing one.

Please check out the new Thea for SketchUp v2.0 landing page.

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Darren Chilton: Introduction

Darren Chilton is the current manager of Thea Render and Evolve products. Please find below some details about him along with some updates on the upcoming version. darren s

Q. Please introduce yourself and your role for Thea Render.
I am Darren Chilton, Program Manager for Thea and Evolve products. All that really means is that I do my best to stay out of the way, and remove as many roadblocks as possible, so the rest of the team with the real talent can do what they need to do. My background is in Industrial Design. I graduated from the College of Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, MI with a major in Transportation Design. After working for a number of years in Altair’s design studio, I had the opportunity to transition into the software development side of the company. This began with the Evolve product and now includes Thea products as well.

Q. Thea Render has been a recent acquisition for Altair. How do you find working with the developer team?
One of the key aspects in any acquisition is the relationship between the two companies. Our relationship with the Thea team began well before the acquisition, and ultimately increased our interest in bringing the two companies together. The expertise, talent, and passion of the Thea team were obvious, and merging their team into Altair proved to be a natural fit. The addition of the entire Thea team has been fantastic, and I look forward to what we will be able to accomplish together in the future.

Q. What is the expected course of updates for Thea Render?
There is always a transition period to work through with any acquisition. We are now in a position where we are all working efficiently toward a major release of all Thea products. Moving forward we will settle into following Altair’s quarterly release cycle.

Q. More specifically, when can we expect the next major update of Thea Render?
We are working diligently on the balance of content, with the required development time. It is still too early to pinpoint an exact date, but we are pushing to try and have a release mid-summer this year. The plugin products are slightly ahead of this timeline with a release coming around April.

Q. What are the new features that we expect to see in the next update?
Updating the user interface is one major area of focus for all Thea products. We are working on making the UI scalable, to be more intuitive for new users, and more efficient for more experienced users. We are also adding new features such as OpenCL, interactive and object-based light positioning, denoising, tone mapping, support for file types such as STEP, IGES, X_T, 3ds, 3dm, etc... More details will be shared as development progresses.

Q. Are there any plans to support more integrations?
Initially, we had to make some tough decisions and scale back the number of products we were delivering to ensure an appropriate level of quality and support was being delivered. Once the dust settles and we get back into consistent release cycles we will certainly be looking to add more integrated products into our lineup.

Thea for Rhino: Volumetric Fog

Dear friends,

we have just published a new version of Thea for Rhino integrated plugin.
You can now add Volumetric Fog in Thea for Rhino easily with the use of the simplified options found in Thea Environment Settings. Additionally, Rhino Two-Point Perspective Camera is now fully supported. Please visit our related page for finding download links. 


Thea for SketchUp: Lights Collection

Dear friends,

in order to enhance more our models library, we have just published a new Lights Collection for Thea for SketchUp.
The library consists of 15 textured and ready-to-use models, each one with the corresponding low-poly proxy and a selectable Thea Light, making it easy to change its intensity.

Please find out more details and download links here

SketchUp Lights  


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Jean Thiriet presents Thea Render at Converge

Jean Thiriet (aka mrwip) has made a great presentation about Thea Render at Converge conference, in Essen, Germany. His presentation was based on the idea of how a rendering tool can help during the design concept & prototyping.
As an example, he selected his actual work when he took part in Guggenheim Helsinki competition, where, by using Thea Render, he explained how rendering can give some early feedback from the first concept of the project and help to make the correct adjustments along the way until presenting the final result.
We would like to thank him for such an inspirational presentation!


qs 1 qs 1 qs 1
Defining the Concept Building the Structure Presenting the Project

Knowledge Base: New Sections

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that  two new sections have been published at Thea Render Knowledge Base:

1) Quick Start Guides: here you can find all the needed information to start rendering with Thea Render. At the time being, there are guides for Thea for SketchUp and Thea for Rhino.

2) Materials page: at this section, you can find several articles that will show you how to create materials like Plastic, Metal, Glass and more.

qs 1

tm 1

Thea for SketchUp: Fog & Cloud Presets and Translations

Dear friends,

we are happy to present a new release of Thea for SketchUp. This release introduces the plugin's User Interface & User Manual Translations in 8 Languages. Additionally, we have added Global Medium in the Environment tab with a new Fog Preset that allows control of fog density, base and top level. There is also a new Cloud material Preset for volumetric effects defined by a solid group/component. We have also prepared a blog article with two example scenes explaining the new fog functionality. Find more details and download links here

fog news

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Knowledge Base

Dear friends,

as a Knowledge Base is important for all users, we decided to create a Knowledge Base to a new subdomain at

In the sidebar of the Knowledge Base, you will find a Suggestion Form which you can use to give us your feedback and suggestions.

Knowledge Base

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Thea for SketchUp and Laubwerk Player

Dear friends,

we are happy to announce that the newest Laubwerk Player has now full support for Thea for SketchUp. We have been working closely with Laubwerk team to allow rendering their high-quality content with Thea and to make the plugin a perfect companion to our rendering engine. 
You can see some of the achieved results in the video we have prepared.


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Promotional Offer Extension

Dear friends,

we wish you a happy new year 2017, full of health and prosperity! Our promotional offer is now extended for a few days more, until 12th January. Don't miss this great opportunity to get Thea Render at a discounted price.

Update: please note that the Promotional Period has now ended.

Promotional Period Extended

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Thea for Cinema 4D: Lights &Environment Tutorial

Dear friends,

we have just published a new video tutorial for Thea for Cinema 4D. The tutorial will help users become familiar with Thea Lights and Environment settings inside our integrated plugin for Cinema 4D. This is the third tutorial from a series of videos helping new users to get started quickly with Thea for Cinema 4D.

tutorial 1

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Thea for SketchUp: Lights Showroom

Dear friends,

we have just published a Lights Showroom model for SketchUp. The model contains various lighting fixtures starting from floor lamps, table lamps, downlights, wall lamps and LED strip lights. Each of them comes with a short description of the techniques and principles applied for its creation, as presented in Light Setup and Optimization Guide. Find out more details and download links here

SketchUp Lights Showroom 


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Thea for SketchUp: Full Support of SketchUp 2017

Dear friends,

we have just published a new version of Thea for SketchUp integrated plugin. The new version, among with other improvements, like 16bit & 32bit layered Photoshop output, has full support of the new SketchUp 2017. Please visit our related page for more details on Thea for SketchUp plugin and for finding download links.  

Thea for SketchUp supports SketchUp 2017 


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