Set Up your Render Farm

You can check out our guide for setting up your studio and nodes, working together in network rendering (render farm).

And if you want to go even further and automate your render farm, please read our render farm automation guide.

Public Render Farm?

Do you have a commercial (or in general, non-private) render farm?

A special permission is needed to run Thea Render on public render farms. Please contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible with all information needed.

Join our Render Farm Program!

Our render farm program has been designed to give freedom to commercial and non-private render farms and even more without any fees in the startup period. Are you interested in joining? Then, don't lose any time and contact us to send you the details of our program.

Note that the program is intended only for interested parties that own a (public) render farm that would like to include Thea as supported renderer.

Render Farms that run Thea Render

Render farms, that are currently on agreement, are presented below (in alphabetical order, according to their country of origin).




Ultra Render Sp. z o.o. (Visit Website) (info [at]




RenderFlow (Visit Website) (E-mail



The Netherlands


Drop & Render (Visit Website) (E-mail)




United States of America


Newton Render Farm (Visit Website) (E-mail)


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