Unbiased Engine (TR1/TR2)

With the term "unbiased" we mean that rendering, seen as a simulation process, converges always to the ground truth, computing all ways of lighting transfer without any artifacts. Thea superior unbiased core is the most sophisticated in the market and delivers stunning images without any discounts.


High Accuracy and Performance

Many render packages rely on brute force optimizations but in Thea Render we introduced innovative techniques taking advantage of algorithmic optimizations for achieving superior performance. All possible paths of lighting transfer are explored, delivering the highest accuracy.


Light Simulation

In Thea Render, we have developed a strong mathematical framework that has led to a very robust unbiased core. This way, it can be also seen as a light simulation tool, performing calculations in the full visible spectral space and including advanced phenomena like volumetric scattering and spectral index of refraction.

Zero Setup Time

One of the great advantages of using the unbiased core is that no effort is needed to setup the engine itselft. Results come out as they are in reality, without any artifacts. This way, the artist and designer can focus exclusively on bringing his ideas into life without fiddling with any engine parameters.

Two Variants to Choose

In addition to the above, Thea comes not with one but two, finely-tuned, engines that are optimized, in terms of performance, for different kind of scenes. Unbiased engine TR1 is optimal for exteriors and scenes with dominant direct lighting while unbiased engine TR2 is optimal for extremely difficult indirect and caustic lighting.

Attention to the Details

Having paid attention to the details, Thea unbiased core is the only one that can robustly resolve situations where other commercial unbiased renderers cannot. Such case is the sun-pool caustics problem, a particularly difficult problem  to solve using unbiased methods. Another is the terminator artifact, where our solution works out-of-the-box producing smooth artifact-free renders.


 Find a detailed table of supported features per engine here.

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