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General Information: Your order is processed manually within the same working day (in some exceptional cases, it may take up to 2 working days depending on the order date and time). Orders must be completed with payment in order to be processed - if the process is canceled at any point, you can safely make a new order.
All items are listed with their net prices  VAT will be added only for EU private customers during checkout (in accordance with the rate in customer's country). VAT exemption will take place for European business customers providing a EU registered VAT Id (details here for valid Id structure).
All licenses, including academic, are perpetual (non expiring) and contain all features. Academic licenses are per-user, allow single installation and may be used only for educational purposes, by students and teachers. Standard licenses are per-user, allow up to three installations and can be used for commercial purposes. Floating licenses allow unlimited installations and can be used for dynamic license allocation in a multiple-user environment. You can see the differences between the license types in this comparison table.

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