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Thea Render for Rhino: Paid-up Network License

Thea Render for Rhino Paid-up Network License

    • Commercial licenses include unlimited Render Node Licenses at no cost.
    • Paid-up licenses include only the version purchased.
    • An annual subscription includes upgrades and support for one year and must be purchased separately.
    • A subscription may only be purchased for a current license (latest version).
    • Version Upgrades do not include support.
    • Physical Media is not included.
    • Thea for Rhino v2.0 is the integration and does not contain any bundled standalone application.
    • Please find Network License installation instructions here
    • Thea for Rhino v2.0 is compatible with Rhino 6.
    • Note: For multiple educational licenses (Labs or Universities), please contact us at to discuss the available options.

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