• Thea for SketchUp v 2.0

    Check out the new features of our Thea for SketchUp v2.0 plugin! Read More
  • Versatile Renderer

    Thea Render is the most versatile renderer featuring state-of-the-art Unbiased, Biased and GPU engines. Read More
  • Superior Image Quality

    Thea Render offers light simulation and a unique material system to ensure superior image quality. Read More
  • Integrated Plugins

    Thea Render is integrated with popular modeling applications offering advanced features and flexibility. Read More
  • Advanced Material System

    Thea Material System using the most Accurate Physically-Based models is the heart of the render engine. Read More
  • Thea Presto - Render Unlimited

    Thea Presto uses all your CPUs and GPUs to deliver astonishing raw performance. This means fast, very fast, rendering! Read More
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Thea Render is a state-of-the-art Biased, Unbiased and GPU renderer with a rich set of innovative features, a powerful material system and its own advanced studio, all-in-one. Take the Thea Presto Tech Tour.


Integration with popular applications:

  Thea for Blender Thea for Cinema4D Thea for Rhino Thea for SketchUp  

Thea Render comes with high quality materials, resources exclusively for licensed users, integration with various modelers, a robust SDK and advanced features such as Photometric Analysis, Colimo Support and many more. 

  • Thea for Cinema 4D

    New Showreel
    Check out the new showreel video for our integrated plugin inside Cinema 4D!
    Watch Video
  • Thea for SketchUp

    New Showreel
    Check out the new showreel video for our integrated plugin inside SketchUp!
    Watch Video
  • Thea for SketchUp

    Lights Collection and 2018 Support
    Thea for SketchUp comes with full support of SketchUp 2018 and a new Lighst library to enhance your scenes. Find Out More


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