Thea Substance Converter

Quickly Convert Substance Materials

Substance™ by Adobe offers a family of software products that empower end users with the ability to develop quickly and easily high quality physically based materials. If you have never been introduced to Substance physically based materials we highly recommend you review the Substance product range. If you are an existing Substance user then please find below our software tool that will enable you to convert Substance physically based materials into Thea Render materials.


The Textures Viewer presents the textures created with Substance. There is a different tab for each texture which has the name of the texture identifier (defined in Substance).


You can tweak these values which causes an immediate regeneration of the affected textures. This way you can see how the final result is altered.

The available options are closely related to the material structure so they usually vary from file to file.



By taking advantage of the Substance Engine, changes to the Substance files can be made inside the converter. The results can be applied automatically to a Thea material which the user can preview under different settings. Physically-based materials designed with the Metallic/Roughness template are automatically converted to their equivalent in the Thea material system.

Additionally, the user can create his/her own combinations although the result is not guaranteed to be physically accurate.

Batch conversion of Metallic/Roughness Substance files to Thea materials or to a Thea material pack is also supported.



System Requirements


Windows 8.1 / 10 64-bit, Intel SSE3 CPU (or compatible)
(Optionally: GPU with DirectX 10/11 support for hardware-accelerated texture generation)


macOS 10.13 / 10.14 / 10.15, Intel SSE3 CPU (or compatible)
(Optionally: GPU with OpenGL 3.0 support for hardware-accelerated texture generation)