spbr arquitetos | house in Sagaponack images

Final renders, ready to show off.
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Licensed User v1.5
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I'm an architect and Thea for SketchUp entusiast.
I'd like to share some images I rendered 2y ago for a house project.
I was using Thea for SU 1.5 and struggled with denoising and creating a nice and fast white glass material for interior panels.
I also wasn't so familiar with scattering tools (like Skatter for SU), so most os the vegetation is photoshop.

At the time, we were satisfied with the general mood of the image (especially the first), but since I'm always trying to improve our workflow, any comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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Hi, thanks for sharing that Barradas.

I wanted to share some ideas and my experiences about whether in the renders.
As an archviz person, my job is to present the building in the best way possible. Somehow buildings look prettier in nicer weather.
If I would go for bad weather conditions in my render I would choose evening time in order to be able to have lights coming out of the building.
Even though I like the colours and the abstract mood of the renderings. I wonder how much were they successful for the client in selling the building. And also I kinda find the sharp shadows from the sun distracting, when I can not see the sun and instead I see a sky full of clouds.
All I want to know how you go about choosing the weather in your scenes.

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Wow really nice mood and color grading! Great work
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