Altair Inspire Render beta 2 opened to the public

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Hi Everybody!

We are proud to announce the availability of the beta version of Altair Inspire Render, which is the new product that is going to replace the old Thea Studio 1.5
This new version is completely rewritten from the ground up to merge with the rest of Altair Inspire line of products, while keeping the same functionalities and adding more.
In this first version we worked long and hard to lay down the foundation for the new generation of rendering (and modeling) products (I don't want to spoil anything, but we are actively working on a node editor for example and an OpenGL real-time renderer... and more!)

Some of the new features in this upcoming release, that are already in the beta are:
  • Denoisers
  • Real-time OpenGL (experimental)
  • Switch between material types (basic, metal, glass, etc.) maintaining the properties
  • Editing of polygonal geometry
  • Additional imported formats, including NURBS geometry
  • Basic geometry editing, including NURBS tessellation and Subdivision Surfaces
  • Support for quads polygonal geometry
  • On-screen interactive texture positioning
  • New scene tree structure with layers
  • Specific support for labels
  • Support for huge scenes
This new version sports a completely revamped UI which differs A LOT from the old Thea Studio. Those of you used to the old UI may find some difficulties adapting, but we are confident that with time you will find yourself at home.
Of course we are always open to critics, suggestions, feedback.

Together with Altair Inspire Render we're also giving access to the beta of Altair Inspire Studio which is the flagship modeling product of the Inspire line.

To download the package go the landing page:
  • On this page you can also watch introductory videos, we highly recommend to do that as they contain important information to be up and running with the UI.
  • Type in your data and click the big button SUBMIT.
  • You will then be able to download either one or both packages.
  • Both packages already include a time-limited license.
  • New betas will be made available every week, with an updated license.
A download manager is recommended in case the download speed is not what you expect from your internet connection, one free alternative is

Hope you guys enjoy the new beta and we look forward to your feedback.


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