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Licensed User v1.5
Licensed User v1.5
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Mac, Thea for Sketchup 2017, Thea V2

I am travelling away from my office with the laptop. I need to use the Thea repository but keep getting this message.

Could not create a folder:
/Users/richarddeath/Library/Application Support/Thea Render/OnlineRepository/Materials/Floor/Venice_Stone_Floor_01/

please HELP..! or let me know full work flow for getting Thea materials into Thea for sketchup.(Mac)
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Om not sure how if this will help. But you can always try it. If you copy the address "/Users/richarddeath/Library/Application Support/Thea Render/" and go to the finder, than press command + shift + G. A small window appears, paste the address here, the window will open that path. Than select the folder "OnlineRepository", press command + I, in that info window go to the bottom where it says "Share&Permissions". See if the admin has read & write permissions.

see attached.
Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 09.40.22.png
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