Activating Translation on MacOSX

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Activating a translation on MacOSX is a bit harder than the other distributions.
Here's a detailed list of steps assuming that you have already a translation
binary file (

1. As with the other distributions, you need to copy thea.po into the appropriate
language folder. Using the Finder, go at the place where Thea application bundle
exists, right click on the application and "Show Package Contents". You will get
a new Finder window with one directory "Contents" - you need now to step down
this directory structure: Contents > Resources > Language.
Inside Language folder, you need to find the subfolder that corresponds to your
language. These folders use the standard country code, so for example, you will
go inside "de" folder for German, "fr" folder for French, "es" for Spanish, "it" for
Italian, "ja" for Japanese, "zh_TW" for traditional Chinese and so on.
You need to copy file inside that folder (you can also copy thea.po if you
want but that's optional and not actually used by the application).

2. Here comes the extra part for MacOSX. You need to also edit the "Info.plist"
file found under the Contents directory. If you double click it, the property list
editor will open the file. Click on the "Add Item" button and select "Localizations"
from the drop down list. (Screenshot taken on Snow Leopard)
Adding Localization on MacOSX (Snow Leopard)
Adding Localization on MacOSX (Snow Leopard)
AddingLocalization.jpg (51.8 KiB) Viewed 965 times
We need also to assign a new value to this key; you can either select a language
from the Value drop down menu on the empty slot or edit the country code
directly in the empty slot.
Please note here that on MacOSX Tiger, the property list editor has different view
and there you will need to add a new child with key name "CFBundleLocalizations".

3. There is an additional step is needed for revision RV387 (and previous ones) due to a
registry entry that is not explicitly added on Mac by these revisions. Open Finder, go to your home
directory, then Library > Preferences and double click on the file: "Thea Render Preferences".
Add the line: Translations=1 right after Data Path=... line entry and before the [Settings] line.
[Edit: for revision RV415 and above, step 3 is not necessary]

4. Please note that the translation file is used only for Thea Render strings. On the menu
though, you will also see some other "standard" MacOSX strings (like Services, Window
options, etc.). These entries come directly from the OS and not Thea translation file.
If you want these to be translated as well, you will need to create a dummy folder with the
format country_code.lproj inside Resources folder of the application bundle. For example,
if you use German language, you just have to create the folder "de.lproj".

That's it! Restart Thea and enjoy translated studio :)

best wishes
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