filmic tone mapping

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This is a little tutorial on how to apply Jhon Huble Filmic tone mapping to your Thea render images.
In case you are not familiar with the Filmic tone mapper you can check here

Save your render as HDR format first
You will need to install Fusion 7 from the Black Magic web site (free application)
and copy the filmic.setting macro (attached) in the C:\Program Files\Blackmagic Design\Fusion\Macros directory (Made by Marin Geupel)

Take a look at tutorial video to see how to apply the Filmic Tone operator.
Basic steps.
1. Import HDR image from Thea
2. Add a OCIOcolorspace node (convert from linear to srgb space)
3. Add a Filmic macro node
4. Connect nodes
5. Adjust Fimic operator
6. Save output image

Download the video and the filmic.setting here ...
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very nice....

Thanks clipi
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thanks for the tut, very appreciated.
i downloaded fusion 7 one month ago. i'm a newbie but what a good soft !

"no pen , no gain ! "
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