Thea detailed video tutorial (or just the start of it)

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chochosan, I only today saw the continuation of this thread and the advancement of your tutorials. I wish you well and encouragement to finish what you've started.

More importantly, I appreciate your response from one newbie to another. Thank you for that.

PixelMango and chochosan, I would agree that in the absence of other tutorials at the time that this message was written, any tutorial for those just scratching the surface is better than none. However, I certainly did not intend that my comment would offend or discourage the efforts. I know I was not intentionally sounding "Snarky".

I think it is a commentary on the fact that tutorials at the time were not being made by the seasoned guys, leaving the need to a beginner. For that Bravo chochosan. And if my words had anywhere near the effect that PixelMango describes... please forgive my expression of frustration for not finding tuts by experienced guys and thoughts about a beginner doing tuts.

But, to you, chochosan... I hope you did not take my words as the discouragement Pixel insinuates. If so, I offer my apologies and again, thank you for your own response. I respect that.
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Nice tutorials and thanks for sharing them.

Something I saw in one of them made me feel a bit awkward though. The idea of having the same color on reflectance that you have on diffuse so to make a material have a more natural look is a bit strange to me.

In your example that would mean (and actually means) that the light reflecting from your green material will be the tinted by the material color itself.

I'm under the impression that most materials don't do that (tinting the reflected light) although some of them do.

My impression is that most of the times a yellow light will create yellow reflections in materials as white light creates white reflections.

There are even materials that reflect light with a different color than the color of the light emitter or their own diffuse color, however those are even more rare. Some kinds of textiles do that, or some ceramics that I know of.

As such I tend to use reflectance with a grey (white to black) color or texture.

I'd only recommend using a color on the reflection slot if we are really sure that is happening in a given material, but I'd really like to have a deeper comment on that, maybe from Patrick, though you seem to have knowledge of physical properties of material and light yourself.

Thanks and keep on going,

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I think this is exactly the level of Tutorial I am looking for.
Since buying Thea I have really only been able to do basic renders using the default textures and throwing some lights in because it is simple and fast, but I need to spend some time on going deeper.

I'll go through the videos in detail soon. Thanks for the effort. It's a pretty big deal to go with Thea when renderers like Vray and Octane have such good tutorial support in comparison.
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These are the videos i've been looking for since starting with thea years ago. I appreciate what there is out there and the info that can be picked up from following the forums, but this is really accessible and I would love to see you come out of hiding and keep up these videos or direct me to where all of them can be found. I can only find a handful but it looks like you may have made many more than that. Thanks! :D
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