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Hello All,
Having had some great help from other members recently I am finally nearing the end of a large rendering project involving 20+ 8K scenes.
Due to their size and number the above advice got me to a place where Presto AO has delivered result suitable for their intended use.

All were daytime interior scenes using just Sketchup sun and internal lights. The last scene however is needing to be an evening dinner setting version of one of the daytime ones already created.

At present each room exists as a "box" and any windows / doors have slightly frosted glass allowing external SketchUp illumination into the room.

For the evening one, curtains will be drawn over the windows to the outside, but doors that go into the rest of the building (that doesn't exist in model) need to be letting light in still.

Therefore, I have a number of areas I could do with some words of wisdom on in order to make the scene.....

Camera setting in Render Window: Like areal camera I will have to increase f-stop, ISO reduce shutter speed etc to get he light level just like the real world.

Global light from outside: Even though curtains will be drawn I assume I adjust SketchUp's sun setting to a nigh time one to effect external illumination?

Light through glass panels in doors that would represent internal space the other side: So with these panels being to the outside in the model and using global illumination, the changing of the global to night time is going to remove the light coming in through them also. therefore I need to substitute this with an artificial light to shine through the panes. As I am still using V1.5 until after this job, what would be the best one to use? would I get away with sticking it outside the frosted panes or need to make an enclosed area the other side with the light in it?

Candles! How are these best represented in Thea?
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You should post an example image to show where you're at and so we can see your problems, it's impossible to help you without seeing your scene and settings/setup. There is no magic settings that works in every scene unfortunately :D
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In old western movies they made night shots during the day, and filtered down the light. As sun would cast shadows all westerns are in full moonlight. Cool!

Thea works better.

Just use relight: Turn off sun, turn down sky light and make it dark blue, turn on artificial lights. Done! Forget about the moon it doesn't cast those kind of shadows unless you want to render the sun with a very big radius to make very soft shadows.

If you want to use v2, as it still doesn't support relight, render with pass per light channel turned on and blend the lights in your image editor using the screen blending mode.

I did it here:

https://www.thearender.com/forum/viewto ... lit=chiado
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For night scene I use night, or cloudy HDRI and lower intensity to around 0.01-0.1. Works great. You have that blue light for contrasting with worm interior light.
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