Cubic mapping & Commit Position

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Thea Technical Artist
Thea Technical Artist
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Here is a short tutorial on how to use the new Cubic mapping and what to do when things go wrong. :)

Greetings Patrick
commit_position_tutorial_03.jpg (407.16 KiB) Viewed 4590 times
cubic_mapping_tutorial_02.jpg (411.75 KiB) Viewed 4590 times
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Thanks for this Patricks 8-)
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Thank you very much, Patricks
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VERY USEFUL tool :o , thanks for the explanation :thumbup:
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Thea Beta Tester
Thea Beta Tester
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Thanks Patricks, now i understand the new command "commit position".
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Thanks for this Patricks!!!
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Thea Beta Tester
Thea Beta Tester
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thanks patrick.
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Thanks, really usefull
Gwenael Gosch
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thanks Patricks. :)
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Nice tut!
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