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giannis wrote:Ah.... small bug indeed there but annoying. The darkroom controls are not refreshed with the new values. :(

This is fixed now (RV951 and after) that will come with the next update.

Best wishes
But some of the files can neither be execute directly nor open it, fail to get the resource.

Is there any way to solve the ptoblem?
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There is an issue with our European mirror. Please download one resource at a time.
When downloading multiple resources at once, the server may stop one of downloads without notifying a browser about the error. This results in a corrupted zip file.

Once downloaded extract the library from a zip and double-click it.

Alternatively you can use USA mirror.
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Excellent. I downloaded the HDRI library from the USA site and all is fine. I'll see if I can figure out how to use them now.

Thanks for the quick answer!
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In the example image of the car and the human model, how do you get a shadow to project onto a floor surface and still get a smooth color transition from floor into wall?

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As those images have some kind of soft shadows or ambient occlusion producing the shadows, it is, I suppose, a Thea Render shadow receiver material.

In real photography studios, one has a floor plan with a round transition for the wall. In renders one can model such a studio and in Thea this is essential if you want shadows projected by direct lighting.

I suppose Giannis is thinking of a way to produce those "direct shadows" with shadow caster materials too, so those renders will get even better(?) in the future!

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DavePSB wrote:Probably a dumb question, but the downloaded file results in:

HDRI Studio IBL.lib.zip

I tried opening this with WinZip, 7-Zip, and Windows Explorer, but it reports the file is invalid. I checked the downloaded size and it appears about right.

Just want to check before I try downloading again: Am I supposed to rename this .zip file as something more Thea-specific, like .pack or .thea? When I tried to open this file from within Thea as the instructions suggest, .zip is not a recognized extension. Same if I try importing it.

Thanks for any help.

I get exactly the same issue, and tried going for the EU mirror too, to no avail.

If I download them seperately from the resource page online, they extract without an issue.
Have you tried that Dave?
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Thank you very much!
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