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Natural Stone Tiles Material Library

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Dear friends,

our natural stone tiles library is now available! A set of 20 high quality materials to dress your models (+8 variations, making it a total of 28), with high resolution professional texture maps. During installation, a new sub folder called "NS Tiles" is created under Materials data folder. A material name that starts with 2x2 means that the textures used have 2048 x 2048 resolution, 4x4 means 4096x4096 and so on.

The textures have been setup with cubic mapping for easy drag/drop right on your models.

The library can be installed and used only by licensed customers within Thea Render context [Copyright (C) - Solid Iris Technologies].

How to install the library
1. Go to our forum page that contains the library download links: ... 111&t=7011
2. The above requires that you are a member of the licensed user club (if not, please send us an e-mail with your forum nickname along with your order id or reseller info).
3. Download the library somewhere on your hard disk (please, be patient, since thes libraries are not small!)
4. You can launch Thea Studio and open the downloaded file (on Windows, you can more easily double click on the file from the explorer).
5. You have to agree on the license agreement before going on (which is the same updated licensed agreement as for Thea Render itself).
6. Then click on the check button and the necessary files will be copied to your Materials data folder (you can also change this default location).
7. Congratulations, now you have the library installed!

Important: library installation requires Thea revision 610 or above.

best wishes

You can see below how the natural stone tiles materials are rendered with our advanced material simulation scene.
naturalstoneAMS.jpg (1.34 MiB) Viewed 4549 times
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Thanks à lot.

few questions about that :

I'm asking myself about the link between the sketchup librairie and the thea librairie :

1 : If i change the name of a material in my sketchup folder, is it a problem? or do i need to change also the thea folder?
2 : sometimes, the scale of the sketchup preview on the model and the scale of the rendering in thea isn't the same. (before all kind of changes) Is it possible to fix the sketchup scale, so the thea scale is ok too? i mean i modify if needed the sketchup scale and the thea texture automaticaly adjust.
2 : Sometimes, few materials in the same librairie don't seems to be at the same size (*10 for exemple). Is it a probleme about my setings?
4 : sorry about my english, i'm learning alone.
Gwenael Gosch
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