Greeting from Poland!!!

Introduce yourself!

by Hris » Tue May 19, 2009 5:03 pm

Name: Christopher Czerwinski

Living in: Poznan, Poland

Member of: CGTALK, TheaRender, Indigorenderer

Studies:University of Technology In Poznan

Working Experience:
2005-2006 - Texturing and lowpoly modeling buildings - Archi3D (this company doesn't exist anymore)
2006-2007 -Texturing and ligthing,3D Animator (business animations) -
2007-2009- Architectural Visualisations ("Studio ADS" in Poland)

Portfolio (Web Site / Links):

Favorite Dish: fruits salad:)

Favorite Music: Techno Minimial (Trezor Berlin), Goa Trance, Ambient (like a "biosphere" from Norway)

Hobbies: capoeira, from time to time music composition

Life Moto: I have to still learn more and more

I want to say:
I'm so happy that so many people are in this community:) I used Kerkythea only few times (in connection with blender or sketchup) - but the quality this engine is very good, and is enought to produce commercial visualisations. Only speed sometimes is not enough.And now i'm glad to see that Thea Render is "highest level quality" render engine - and i hope that noy only quality of images are better, but speed too:)))
I will share for a few minutes my simple works from kerkythea engine at kerkythea forum.

Thea Licensed User
Thea Licensed User
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by Tomasz » Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:23 pm

Hello Hris,
I am sure you will enjoy Thea as much as you did Kerkythea.

Thank you for your generous contribution with beautiful tree package!
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