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Introduce yourself!
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Fabio Ciliberti
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Thu Feb 12, 2015 12:09 pm

Hello to everyone here, I'd like to enjoy this comunity sharing ideas and knowledges about CG.

I'm an italian designer working abroad (Prague).
My background is made by a lot of years spent learning by myself every kind of graphic software for pictures and video editing, web and finally 3D graphic.
After that I started university about product design, then I've been working for 1 year into Milan about sailing boats and motoryachts and 2 years as freelancer in collaboration with architects.
All this made me a 360° designer, pushing me to be able to work both about projects and both about graphic.
Nowadays I'm working in a company about interiors for food shops, where we need to fastly do projects and then the realization... without making any 3D visualization.
That's why everyday, coming back home, I relax making renderings!

Why Thea
I found my favorite workflow in Cinema 4D many years ago. Last year in April I bought a workstation in order to be more competitive with my portfolio, cause I was looking for some job, then I chose to have:
i7 4770k 3500 MHZ, 16Gb RAM memory, 2x GeForce GTX 760 2Gb ddr5 in order to try some interactive render engine based on GPU. Then I found Thea. Then I found my actual job in which I don't need rendering. :silent: Life is really playful sometime...

Anyway, I really love rendering anything jumps in my mind and you will see it by the forum, I will never miss to post something! See you in the topics! ;)
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Thu Feb 12, 2015 3:59 pm

Welcome Fabio!
Nice introduction, and looking forward to see some work of you.
Erwin van Strien
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Tue Feb 24, 2015 2:02 am

hi every one.. :)
i am new user of this forums.
i like this very much
so i m join this
I hope to really enjoy being a part of this forum
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