Hiya! I love Thea, and everyone here's so helpful!

Introduce yourself!
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Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:20 pm

Name: Sarah
I'm in my 40's - the photo is out of date.

Living in:
In the middle of the UK

Member of:
A couple of international shadow organisations.

Computer science, programming, electronics, adult mentoring. Valedictorian. (oh yeah)

Working Experience:
I do rendering and modelling entirely for fun and enjoyment of 3D work.
I find 3D modelling incredibly challenging, but I've had great success with OpenSCAD as it lets me use my programming experience.
Then I found with Kerkythea that I could get some impressive results by using existing models and working on the textures, lighting and materials instead.
Then I found Thea, and was blown away with the results. It makes a basic 3D idea come alive! It's so exciting - I just want to learn it all - but it's locked away in the Forums. -sniffles-
My day job involves fixing programming and other issues that have beaten everyone else in the teams involved.
I've worked in the most high pressure programming positions, and the most technical of support positions in my career.
Therefore creating art is incredibly decompressing. I'm bad at it, but I love it.
Amazon Alexa development didn't happen because I hate London. I still have mixed feelings over this, it would have had bragging rights, eh?

Portfolio (Web Site / Links):
I don't have one, so I dropped some renders here: http://untamed.co.uk/miscimages/thearender/
The site's 8 years out of date, and used for providing several behind the scenes services I still need to get to.
One day I'll make a new site!

Favorite Dish:
Olive oil cooked chunky chips, beef burger, and peas. dropped into a deep well of red wine vinegar, and enough salt to kill a small ocean fish. Often would include a side of hot chlli sauce. (not sweet! Ew).

Favorite Music:
A bit of everything - depends on the mood I'm after.

Ooooo, let's see - I have lots!
Digital electronics is a favorite (esp Micro Controller Units), analog electronics, spectroscopy, IR photography, UV-A and B photography, soldering (it's a challenge to do right!), macro photography, and still life (7D Mark II, macro lenses, up to 800x zoom), graphic design, photo manipulation (Photoshop CC), 3D printing (OpenSCAD), finding new and interesting algorithms, programming, graphics (SlimDX, JavaScript canvas, interactive programs/games, data converters, security (physical locks/ciphers/encryption/access cards/master keys/pen testing/program encryption/identifying data and password encryptions), chemistry, making gigapixel pictures (AutoPano), making 3D scenes (mostly slotting models together) and lighting them in interesting ways. Failing badly at my own 3D models, Amazon reviewer (280th place in the UK!), dabbling with video right now using my 7D in a rig/monitor screen/separate audio capture setup( DaVinci Resolve). 3D anaglyphs and other optical 3D work. Making random dot stereograms. (video via Thea depth channel too!!), incendiary design.
Ice skating (retired!), juggling (retired), drawing(retired). Ultrasonic capture (bat detector, and various apps), stenography (not just bit 1 manipulation =P). Those little puzzle contraptions that involve manipulating them in lots of ways. (Hope I never find THE box, Cenobytes! Argh!). Creating 3D rendering programs from scratch in JavaScript for various effects and demos. Oh yeah, making web pages.
Scratching my cat's back. (well, SHE made it my hobby)
I like reading horror, and soft sci-fi. Sometimes fantasy. I've never read a biography and never will. Boring!

Life Moto:
"Let me give it a go."

A Photo:
There's a VERY out of date one as my avatar.
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Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:06 pm

Welcome to you. We have some similar hobbies i see ;)
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Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:23 am

Welcome Sarah!
Just saw your topic and portfolio! you are talented and created some nice renders. Keep going and let me know if any help needed please!
I have prepared KT fast start 4 architect ( free and paid version) and am preparing a video bundle on Thea hopefully!
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Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:49 pm

Welcome! You reminded me of Kerkythea ... after that came a very interesting journey testing Thea from its infancy till Thea 1.0, then 1.5, then a bit o troubled times that have fortunately passed and now we're all eager to get our hands in v2.0.
Happy renderings!
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