Designing for 3D printing (and Wings vs Sketchup Questions)

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Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:28 am

Is Wings good for making desktop 3D printable objects? It is mentioned here and there on 3D printing websites, but obviously it was developed long before the desktop 3D printer.

Here are my objectives:

- to dive into at most 1 full-featured 3D modelling software,
- to import and export STLs,
- to design manifold objects for desktop 3d printing,
- to have an efficient toolchain, from design to print (eg wings, meshlab, netfabb, slic3r, pronterface, print)
- to participate in a community that can help me with this,
- to know that I made a good choice investing in learning the 3D modelling software

I find that few people use wings, even after I filter out those who can access commercial CAD software. For some reason a lot of people use Sketchup, even though they complain that it is prone to making their models non-manifold.

Does Wings suit the objectives that I listed? Also, can you tell me why Sketchup is not a "subdivision modeler", and why that is important to Wings? And (last questions) are there any other major differences between Wings and Sketchup?

p.s.: Feel free to compare it to blender too, for 3D printing and learning curve.
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