The Fastest Render engine is... Blenderguru comparison

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Someone could try these scenes and see how Thea fares... Sad to see that Thea isn't in this list... :thumbdown:
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Yes. I saw it and missed Thea too. We obviously do not have Blender integration, so I was not surprised we were not included.

It is really next to impossible to compare rendering engines fair, but his approach seemed to be the only that would make some sense.
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I suppose for most Thea users the biggest competitor is Vray, so a comprehensive speed comparison between just those two would be interesting
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Thea Beta Tester
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Yeah Luxcore is slow, before I came back as a tester, I was working on a fast way to be render material scenes and I was using Luxcore and Python, I did try and convert the Luxrender SU plugin to Luxcore but I know sod all about Ruby so all I was doing was modifying what was obvious.. maybe Tomasz should take a look, its based on the Kerky plugin!
Its free though and under constant development, and probably easier to set up than others
I have tried the school scene in Thea but it was a little messed up in SketchUp
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