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The princess will certainly be happy.

From the design point of view, I would consider making the shelves above the bad as one piece without the gaps, spanning from the wall to the wardrobe. I will be harder to build, but I imagine it will look more modern.
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Thank you Tomasz,
First option/design was as you commented.
Chosen furniture from Mistral ,Italy, but not all elements from their modular system can fit in room dimension.(start design from Mistral attached)
As per Mistral, for bridge over bed (for security reason) back panel is full high, from floor to ceiling, to support over bed elements.
On the end, I decide to order only bed, desk, drawer under desk and chair.
Rest of furniture, drawers, to design/ fabricate, as per room dimension.

I am afraid of fixing "bridge" over bed( it's heavy)
Walls are gypsum board, and city Skopje, Macedonia and is not stable seismic zone.
For that I was thinking use of light boxes.
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