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Dear Friends,

First off, I want to personally thank you for your patience and support. In the last few months, the team here has been working on a number of very exciting updates to our rendering software while also redefining our plans for the future. Our recent acquisition by Altair has set extremely high expectations and goals with respect to our software quality and creating a long-term strategy for Thea Render and its connections.

Although there are always many priorities to consider, there is one that is of the highest importance for all of us; our end user. Ensuring that our loyal user base is satisfied with the quality of the product and service we are providing has always been our main concern and continues to be fundamental within Altair.

I must admit that we have recently become a bit silent compared to how we were exposing things in the past. The reason is that we are very busy adding a number of great features in our next major edition and it is important that such features are exposed at the right moment, related to the announcement and publishing of the edition.

Some of you have noticed that we removed several plugins from our store. We have discontinued them for the time being. While reviewing our offerings, the high standards we have set for our products and support made us somewhat skeptical about certain integrations. In our evaluation, we felt that we needed to put a few of our plugins on hiatus. Our ultimate goal for a number of them is to recreate them from scratch, to meet the highest user expectations.

The above also explains our strategy; it is not always the best to push everything forward at once. Sometimes (and even more given the complexity of Thea Render overall package, its connections and integrations), it is better to focus on certain parts, platforms and services to get the greatest implementations in a shorter time and then port the success on the other platforms as well. We are carefully creating our plan, so that we are taking very small steps back in some parts but at the same time maximizing our progress in others.

Finally, to make sure that our communication stays intact we will be releasing monthly announcements discussing our progress. The monthly announcements will be following closely our internal roadmap and development. Make sure to stay tuned with us either through our forum, social media or newsletter.

With the above said, I would like also to conclude with a commitment to you; Thea Render is here to stay and we are working hard to make it the clear leader in photorealistic rendering. I hope you will stay with us for the exciting ride.

Best regards
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