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Dear friends,

before posting a question please have a quick look to the following Frequently Asked Questions that may give you an immediate feedback to your inquiries.

Q: I have bought a Thea Licenses but still have not received it. How long does it take to be sent to me?
A: Your order is processed manually within the same working day (in some exceptional cases, it may take up to 2 working days depending on the order date and time). If more days have passed, please check out also your Spam folder to assure the emails was not sent accidentally there. At any point you can contact us at with your questions.

Q: I have not managed to complete an order, how do I cancel it?
A: Orders must be completed with payment in order to be processed from us- if the process is canceled at any point, you can safely make a new order and the previous one is automatically cancelled.

Q: I already have a Thea license but I am still not able to access other forums.

A: If you have already bought a Thea Render product please register at the forum and send us your nickname at (with your order email address) in order to add you at the Licensed Users Club and allow you access to more forums and resources.

Q: I have installed Thea Studio but I get error regarding missing bitmaps/license.
A: Please make sure during the installation of Thea Render to set the path of the Thea Data and Thea Temporary folder to a location every user will have full read/write access.

The reason you are having issues with Thea Studio is that default location would set the license/bitmaps inside the profile of the administrator who is performing the installation. Therefore once the administrator logs out of the account, Thea Render will not be able to access the data.

To fix this issue please ask your administrator use the Thea Safe Mode short-cut option, which is found in the Start > Programs > Thea Render\Quick mode folder. In the Safe Mode Thea will ask you to select a new location of Thea Data and Thea Temporary folder and move all data. Once you complete the final steps, Thea Render will always maintain visibility of the location of the license and you will no longer have any issues. Please make sure to run the Safe Mode also from the user account that experienced the issue.

For more Q&A please check out this page: ... s/faq.html
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