Fabric & Velvet


Creating a fabric material requires the use of the Fresnel Ramp procedural to Diffuse Channel. Let's have a look at a few different cases where the Fresnel Ramp is being used.

Basic Fabric Material

We will be mixing the Fresnel Ramp with the color or the texture of the Diffuse Channel.

  • Select a color or load a texture in the Diffuse Channel
  • Click on the Diffuse Channel to open up the side panel
  • Click on the icon and select Mix with... > Procedural
  • From the Procedural Parameters section, change the procedural type from Perlin Noise to Fresnel Ramp
  • Go to the Fresnel Ramp layer and click on the multiply icon to switch to the additive blending mode
  • Control the amount of Fresnel Ramp by changing the layer's weight.

Download Fabric Material
Credits: Using textures from AmbientCG



Velvet Material

Repeat the same steps as with the basic fabric material but in the case of velvet, leave the Fresnel Ramp to the Multiply blending mode . The falloff of the Fresnel Ramp can be controlled by reducing the Exponent Parameter. Here is an example of the exponent parameter ranging from 1 to 0.

Download Velvet Material