Rendering window

The Thea rendering window is the place where interactive and production rendering takes place.

On-screen buttons
As they appear from left to right:

  • Console: Displays the console log
  • Active channel: Displays the active render channels
  • Expensive preview: Enables - disables computationally heavy filters (e.g. denoising, glare) while rendering. By default, this option is disabled and those filters will be applied at the end of the rendering
  • Histogram: Enables - disables the histogram display
  • Render region: Click this button to select the region for rendering
  • Open image: Open an Thea image (.img.thea) for editing
  • Save image: Save the current image

Sidebar: Batch render and scenes
The Batch Render tab lists all of the available scenes in a table. Select the scenes to render and settings to apply (Camera, Display, Environment, Rendering) then click on the Start button. You can learn more about batch rendering here.

Rendering window with sidebar