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Extensions > Thea Render
The Thea Render menu contains all the shortcuts, utilities and options of the plugin. You can find a detailed description of all the options below.

  • Thea tool: Activates the Thea cursor which can be used to select materials from the scene and manipulate the Thea lights. It also opens the Thea Tools Panel window
  • Settings panel: The settings panel contains the render channels and the animation tab by default
  • Thea browser: Displays the Thea browser window
  • Thea rendering window: Displays the Thea rendering window
  • Show Thea for SketchUp toolbar: Displays the Thea for SketchUp toolbar
  • Tools > Convert material(s) to SKM: Converts Thea materials (.mat.thea) to SketchUp materials (.skm)
  • Tools > Install library: Install Thea libraries (.lib.thea). Official libraries can be download here.
  • Tools > Reset plug-in layout: Resets the layout back to the default. Use this when one of the Thea Render panels is not displayed. This happens when one of the monitors is removed and the panel was displayed in it

Extensions > Thea switch
The Thea switch menu will only be visible when you have multiple versions installed in SketchUp. This can happen when a previous version (e.g. v3.5) is already installed and you choose to install a newer version (v4) on top. In this case, Thea switch can come in handy as it will allow you to switch between the two easily. All that you need to do is:

  • Go to Extensions > Thea switch
  • Click on 'Switch to x.x.xxxx.xxxx'
  • Restart SketchUp

Thea Render menu


You can also use the Thea toolbar to get access to the tool palettes. Select 'Show Thea for SketchUp toolbar' from the extensions menu. The Thea for SketchUp toolbar has shortcuts to display the following four panels (left to right):

  • Thea tool: Displays the Thea tool panel which allows for setting up cameras, editing materials, placing and editing lights, and setting up the preferences. Clicking on this button also turns the cursors to the Thea Cursor that can be used to pick materials
  • Settings: Displays the settings panel
  • Thea browser: Displays the Thea browser window which allows for importing Thea models, materials, skies, and SketchUp components - proxies
  • Thea rendering window: Displays the Thea rendering window. Select engines and rendering mode, adjust the display, channel, and environment settings

If the plug-in is not enabled, go to preferences of 'SketchUp > Extensions' to enable it.

Thea Render toolbar