Render channels are used to composite an image out of different components such as: raw diffuse color, depth, alpha, etc. This is mostly used when you intend to do post-processing using an external image editing program.

The available channels are:

  • Color
  • Normal
  • Depth
  • Alpha
  • Object ID / Object ID transparent
  • Material ID / Material ID transparent
  • Direct
  • AO
  • GI
  • SSS
  • Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Transparency
  • Irradiance
  • Position
  • UV
  • Shadow
  • Mask
  • Raw Diffuse Color / Raw Diffuse Color (Denoising)
  • Raw Diffuse Lighting
  • Raw Diffuse GI
  • Self Illumination
  • Pass per Light

Render channels list

Active channel: Displays the selected channel in the rendering window. After a rendering has been completed, every active channel can be selected from the list.
Pass per Light: When 'Pass per Light' is enabled, independent images will be produced for all available light sources. This can consume a lot of memory when there are many lights and the resolution is high.
Mask passes: Mask passes will only appear when you assign a mask to a group, component, or image from the Tools panel > Model tab > Mask index.

In case you want to save an image along with the alpha channel, the alpha channel needs to be enabled before rendering the final image.


Min / Max Z (m): Controls the minimum and maximum distance along the camera z-axis

Depth Channel: Min=0, Max=5 Depth Channel: Min=0, Max=10